Greyhawk campaign CY 591

10th of Reaping

The Ettin's Riddle

As the party travels home to Hommlet to spend the gold burning in their pouches, they come across the hamlet of Newkeep wich holds the bridge the party needs to cross the river to get home. But as the hamlet comes into view they witness an Ettin attack as it kills some one standing on the bridge taking out the peasent and the bridge. They come to find out that Newkeep has been under attack day and night from this Ettin and the party must help if they ever want the bridge to be completed. Ricward checks out the small hamlet and finds a puzzling riddle about the Ettin on the shrine’s walls. That night the Ettin comes back but instead of attacking it seems to move around as stealthy as possible the party follows the Ettin to the shrine and are shocked, the Ettin is praying at a shrine of Heironies. They don’t attack but come to the Ettin peacefully and learn that the Ettin was once a man, a cleric dedicated to Heironies by the name of Kyrnyn, he says he was an adventurer that came two years ago to kill the necromancer who took over Oldkeep, but he was polymorphed by the necromancer and charmed to help kill his friends, the necromancer was defeated but Kyrnyn was still a Ettin hoping his friend would come back to help he hid waiting. But his friend never came back and his second head grew it’s own thoughts and will, soon poor Kyrnyn was forced to watch his second half “Muck” kill anyone he wanted. He knew he could get a dispel magic and hopefully be able to lift this curse, but instead his deity did not grant him his dispel instead he got a riddle, this is were the party comes in. Kyrnyn can not figure out the message his diety is trying to give him, so he asks the for help. He returned to his hold up in Oldkeep to wait for the party. They leave that night to try and help the poor cleric, they kill eight orcs and two ogres just to get there but they make it and successfully help the cleric understand the riddle before Malwick and his angry mob show up.

Again the party comes back heros saving countless future lives and the soul of the now human Kyrnyn, who stays in Newkeep to help some of the trouble Muck caused. Forever in debt to the party Kyrnyn offers free services to the party if they ever return.



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