Greyhawk campaign CY 591

18th of Reaping

The Gang War in Hommlet

The party finally makes it home to Hommlet. They all spread out and buy their individual equipment and meet at the Trading Post to exchange there many peices of gold and silver to weight they can carry. Just then two men in black, one carrying a crossbow the other a sword rush into the tent. The man with the crossbow holds up th halfing cashier while the second rumages through the back. Furfante tries to speak to the crossbowmen, but he holds his ground. Suddenly Ricward lets a sleep spell loose on the crossbowmen, he knocks outs. The party ivestigates the tent and find that the other man in black is missings, a tear opens in the back and the man escapes. Two gaurds take the sleeping theif and say they are going to prosecute them. Furfante and Uloff secretly follow the two gaurds to shed on the edge of town. But suddenly the party finds Uloff with some strange looking folk around him, they leave shortly after the party arrives. No one can hear anything inside the door, So Davian boots it down and finds this room empty as well. A search of the room reveals a trap door leading to a small tunnle underground. The party investigates and finds that the tunnles lead to The Welcome Wench, Terragins, The Keep, The slums, and The high district, no men in black are found.

The Party talks to the hed Captain of Burne’s Bagers, the local gaurd. They learn about the string of thefts that have been going around town. They figure the next probable strike will be at gem shop. They set up a sting to ambush the men in black for when they strike again.



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