Greyhawk campaign CY 591

1st of Reaping

The Party meets

Its morning in the town of Barrows edge, a hamlet not far from Hommlet. The town has called for brave adventurers and four strangers have come together to help, for glory, riches, or a start to something bigger. Davian, a battle preist of Moradin from the Kron Hills, is doing all the good hey can and seeking adventure so he can earn enough gold to establish a church of his mighty diety in Homlet. Vervante, a ranger dedicated St. Cuthbert, is bringing forth retribution to all evil. Ricward, a mystrius Sorcrer who doesn’t talk much but fights a good fight. Uloff, the newset to the group, asked the party if they needed help with traps and locked doors, the party gladly accepted their fourth member and journy forthward to the Howling Caverns were they shall do bttle with Goblins.



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