Greyhawk campaign CY 591

25th of Reaping

Uloff leaves the party

The party have been watching the gem shop for a week now and Furfante notices that two gaurds that seem famliar, keep walking by every day and seem to be keeping an eye on the old gem shop. Finally on the seventh day of the sting the men in black return, not knowing of the partys presence in the shop. Furfante hides on the roof nearby ready to strike if the men in black try to leave, Davian gaurds the second floor were the fake chest rests, Ricward stays on the third floor ready to back of Davian, and Uloff is on the top floor ready to gaurd the only exit out.

The first man holds up the Gnome shop keep, while the second goes up stairs to get the chest, but Davian is ready and prepares a hold person spell for the first man, the spell succeeds in paralyzing the theif. Meanwhile Uloff come down to knowck out the first guy whie held, the second comes up the stairs only to see Davian and Ricward with weapon and wand pointed right at him, he surrenders. Uloff calls his “family” again and soon six men in leather armor and crossbows come from around allie ways and buildings cornering the two fake gaurds outside. Uloff and his “family” tke the four off somewere.

The lieutentant of the Bagers comes to find all the theifs already gone. They bring Davian, Ricward, and Furfante to Burne and Rufus themselves. They are questioned and finally get the description of Uloff for wich Rufus may cast a scry spell. The gaurd locate the hide out of the now discovered Greyhawk theif guild members and the ex-assassins captured by them. In the confusion of the bust Uloff manages to steal a potion of ivisabilty and get away, will the party ever see Uloff again?

For helping the gaurd and the town by finding the stollen gold the party is rewared with 1,000 gold, and are now renown as heros around town.



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