Greyhawk campaign CY 591

26th of Reaping

Kage, The Ninja

As the three woke, Furfante, Davian, and Ricward sat in sullen for the loss of their comrade Uloff. Ricward Notices an Elf in black garb and a Mask He hides in the very shadow of the tavern, He approuches the party after being spotted, “that was a Test, and you passed.” The party was indeed confused by this but the Elf introduced himself as Kage a Ninja. The test was to prove they truly lived up to the skill they are reknowen for as the “heros of Hommlet”, in hopes of joining them for his own training.

After an interview over breakfeast the three decided to bring in this new member and become four once more.

As the day progressed the topic of the next adventure was brought about by Davian, some ideas were thrown around about were to go, or check out Hommlet. After a while a man in a Greyhawk noble outfit walks in, talks to the barmaid, and post something on the wall. Furfante and Ricaward got up to pull the paper down and talk to the man. He was Nerius Bootlum a noble traveling to Veluna, when his Caravan was attacked and raided by bandits. Nerius survived the attack, and instantly went to Burne for help, The Bagers were sent to kill the bandits and came back with half of their men but the raids stopped. Though Nrius thinks diffrent, he knows one of the things stollen from him was an eversoaking sponge and all the nearby lakes from which Hommlet needed for water during high summer, have dried up suddenly. Nerius believes Relgore is still allaive and using the sponge to remove all the water, to wreak havack on Hommlet for what the Bagers did. Nerius offers 2,500 gold for the head of Relgore and the sponge returned.

The partry accepts and Furfante leads the way to the local watering hole, were he finds the tracks of the Bandits. He is able to track them back to a cave were they stop when they see an ogre trying to hide behind a tree.

The ogre is swiftly killed by an arrow from Furfante to the skull.

In the next room two orcs and three knolls lay in wait, Ricward runs up to catch the three gnolls in a burning hands spell. The two orcs flank the defenseless Sorcerer and is hacked apart by two falchions. The party rages over the loss of their team mate, and hack all in side the cave leaving no one alaive.

They return back to Hommlet, knowing that Ricward was a follower of Wee Jas they understood that he would rather not be ressurected.
They collect their reward and set to find another arcane caster to replace the powerful Ricward Wyvernjacker.



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