Greyhawk campaign CY 591

26th of Reaping
Kage, The Ninja

As the three woke, Furfante, Davian, and Ricward sat in sullen for the loss of their comrade Uloff. Ricward Notices an Elf in black garb and a Mask He hides in the very shadow of the tavern, He approuches the party after being spotted, “that was a Test, and you passed.” The party was indeed confused by this but the Elf introduced himself as Kage a Ninja. The test was to prove they truly lived up to the skill they are reknowen for as the “heros of Hommlet”, in hopes of joining them for his own training.

After an interview over breakfeast the three decided to bring in this new member and become four once more.

As the day progressed the topic of the next adventure was brought about by Davian, some ideas were thrown around about were to go, or check out Hommlet. After a while a man in a Greyhawk noble outfit walks in, talks to the barmaid, and post something on the wall. Furfante and Ricaward got up to pull the paper down and talk to the man. He was Nerius Bootlum a noble traveling to Veluna, when his Caravan was attacked and raided by bandits. Nerius survived the attack, and instantly went to Burne for help, The Bagers were sent to kill the bandits and came back with half of their men but the raids stopped. Though Nrius thinks diffrent, he knows one of the things stollen from him was an eversoaking sponge and all the nearby lakes from which Hommlet needed for water during high summer, have dried up suddenly. Nerius believes Relgore is still allaive and using the sponge to remove all the water, to wreak havack on Hommlet for what the Bagers did. Nerius offers 2,500 gold for the head of Relgore and the sponge returned.

The partry accepts and Furfante leads the way to the local watering hole, were he finds the tracks of the Bandits. He is able to track them back to a cave were they stop when they see an ogre trying to hide behind a tree.

The ogre is swiftly killed by an arrow from Furfante to the skull.

In the next room two orcs and three knolls lay in wait, Ricward runs up to catch the three gnolls in a burning hands spell. The two orcs flank the defenseless Sorcerer and is hacked apart by two falchions. The party rages over the loss of their team mate, and hack all in side the cave leaving no one alaive.

They return back to Hommlet, knowing that Ricward was a follower of Wee Jas they understood that he would rather not be ressurected.
They collect their reward and set to find another arcane caster to replace the powerful Ricward Wyvernjacker.

25th of Reaping
Uloff leaves the party

The party have been watching the gem shop for a week now and Furfante notices that two gaurds that seem famliar, keep walking by every day and seem to be keeping an eye on the old gem shop. Finally on the seventh day of the sting the men in black return, not knowing of the partys presence in the shop. Furfante hides on the roof nearby ready to strike if the men in black try to leave, Davian gaurds the second floor were the fake chest rests, Ricward stays on the third floor ready to back of Davian, and Uloff is on the top floor ready to gaurd the only exit out.

The first man holds up the Gnome shop keep, while the second goes up stairs to get the chest, but Davian is ready and prepares a hold person spell for the first man, the spell succeeds in paralyzing the theif. Meanwhile Uloff come down to knowck out the first guy whie held, the second comes up the stairs only to see Davian and Ricward with weapon and wand pointed right at him, he surrenders. Uloff calls his “family” again and soon six men in leather armor and crossbows come from around allie ways and buildings cornering the two fake gaurds outside. Uloff and his “family” tke the four off somewere.

The lieutentant of the Bagers comes to find all the theifs already gone. They bring Davian, Ricward, and Furfante to Burne and Rufus themselves. They are questioned and finally get the description of Uloff for wich Rufus may cast a scry spell. The gaurd locate the hide out of the now discovered Greyhawk theif guild members and the ex-assassins captured by them. In the confusion of the bust Uloff manages to steal a potion of ivisabilty and get away, will the party ever see Uloff again?

For helping the gaurd and the town by finding the stollen gold the party is rewared with 1,000 gold, and are now renown as heros around town.

18th of Reaping
The Gang War in Hommlet

The party finally makes it home to Hommlet. They all spread out and buy their individual equipment and meet at the Trading Post to exchange there many peices of gold and silver to weight they can carry. Just then two men in black, one carrying a crossbow the other a sword rush into the tent. The man with the crossbow holds up th halfing cashier while the second rumages through the back. Furfante tries to speak to the crossbowmen, but he holds his ground. Suddenly Ricward lets a sleep spell loose on the crossbowmen, he knocks outs. The party ivestigates the tent and find that the other man in black is missings, a tear opens in the back and the man escapes. Two gaurds take the sleeping theif and say they are going to prosecute them. Furfante and Uloff secretly follow the two gaurds to shed on the edge of town. But suddenly the party finds Uloff with some strange looking folk around him, they leave shortly after the party arrives. No one can hear anything inside the door, So Davian boots it down and finds this room empty as well. A search of the room reveals a trap door leading to a small tunnle underground. The party investigates and finds that the tunnles lead to The Welcome Wench, Terragins, The Keep, The slums, and The high district, no men in black are found.

The Party talks to the hed Captain of Burne’s Bagers, the local gaurd. They learn about the string of thefts that have been going around town. They figure the next probable strike will be at gem shop. They set up a sting to ambush the men in black for when they strike again.

10th of Reaping
The Ettin's Riddle

As the party travels home to Hommlet to spend the gold burning in their pouches, they come across the hamlet of Newkeep wich holds the bridge the party needs to cross the river to get home. But as the hamlet comes into view they witness an Ettin attack as it kills some one standing on the bridge taking out the peasent and the bridge. They come to find out that Newkeep has been under attack day and night from this Ettin and the party must help if they ever want the bridge to be completed. Ricward checks out the small hamlet and finds a puzzling riddle about the Ettin on the shrine’s walls. That night the Ettin comes back but instead of attacking it seems to move around as stealthy as possible the party follows the Ettin to the shrine and are shocked, the Ettin is praying at a shrine of Heironies. They don’t attack but come to the Ettin peacefully and learn that the Ettin was once a man, a cleric dedicated to Heironies by the name of Kyrnyn, he says he was an adventurer that came two years ago to kill the necromancer who took over Oldkeep, but he was polymorphed by the necromancer and charmed to help kill his friends, the necromancer was defeated but Kyrnyn was still a Ettin hoping his friend would come back to help he hid waiting. But his friend never came back and his second head grew it’s own thoughts and will, soon poor Kyrnyn was forced to watch his second half “Muck” kill anyone he wanted. He knew he could get a dispel magic and hopefully be able to lift this curse, but instead his deity did not grant him his dispel instead he got a riddle, this is were the party comes in. Kyrnyn can not figure out the message his diety is trying to give him, so he asks the for help. He returned to his hold up in Oldkeep to wait for the party. They leave that night to try and help the poor cleric, they kill eight orcs and two ogres just to get there but they make it and successfully help the cleric understand the riddle before Malwick and his angry mob show up.

Again the party comes back heros saving countless future lives and the soul of the now human Kyrnyn, who stays in Newkeep to help some of the trouble Muck caused. Forever in debt to the party Kyrnyn offers free services to the party if they ever return.

2nd of Reaping
The Dragon is Defeated

The Party decended into the holwling caves, killing countless goblinoids. They meet a hobgoblin wizard that explains that this tribe of goblinoids have been forced by the Black Dragon Noak to form raiding partys to increase her own horde of gold and treasure. After clearing the rest of the cave, the party rests to fight the evil Wyrmling Noak.

The Party heads back to Barrow’s Edge with the dead body of the dragon as proof to the hamlet of the goblin tribes destruction. They return a little richer and glory in their hearts. The people of Barrow’s Edge throw a weeklong celabration in their honor. After the small rest the party heads back home to Hommlet.

1st of Reaping
The Party meets

Its morning in the town of Barrows edge, a hamlet not far from Hommlet. The town has called for brave adventurers and four strangers have come together to help, for glory, riches, or a start to something bigger. Davian, a battle preist of Moradin from the Kron Hills, is doing all the good hey can and seeking adventure so he can earn enough gold to establish a church of his mighty diety in Homlet. Vervante, a ranger dedicated St. Cuthbert, is bringing forth retribution to all evil. Ricward, a mystrius Sorcrer who doesn’t talk much but fights a good fight. Uloff, the newset to the group, asked the party if they needed help with traps and locked doors, the party gladly accepted their fourth member and journy forthward to the Howling Caverns were they shall do bttle with Goblins.

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